Neopets Dailies

Neopets Dailies: Every neopoint counts. If you are new to neopets you definitely understand this. There are a few sections on the neopets website that offer multiple benefits that you should visit at least once daily (some you can visit more than once). Below is a list of each a long with a brief explanation, just click the link and it will take you to the indicated daily.

Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is where neopians with under 3,000 neopoints can go to feed their pets. Although neopets technically can’t die, it is important to feed your neopet, solely because you can’t play many games and participate in many parts of the site (such as the battledome) if your pet is hungry. If you have over 3,000 neopoints you will not be able to take advantage of this, however there are many cheap foods that can be won from other neopets dailies so read on.

Giant Jelly

Go here to retrieve a free piece of jelly. This can be fed to your neopet or sold for cheap on the shop wizard. Some jellies are worth a few thousand neopoints so it is definitely worth a shot.

Giant Omelette

Very similar to the giant jelly, go here to collect a free piece of omelette which can be food to your neopet.

Neopian Bank

It may be a small amount but it only takes a click! Be sure to always upgrade your bank account whenever possible as it will give you a greater interest rate which really adds up.

Money Tree

The money tree is a collection of items that have been donated by various neopians. Rare items have been known to appear here so take a few minutes and try your luck. The items go fast so just click aimlessly, you don’t have time to pick and choose. You can pick up 10 items per day.

Second-Hand Shoppe

Very similar to the money tree, you can only pick up 10 items per day here also. This is almost ALL junk so don’t spend too much time here.

Rubbish Dumb

Another collection of free items, limit of 10 items per day.

Movie Central

You can go here to feed your pets once a day, regardless of how many neopoints you have. Click the door to the left after the image loads, select a pet, and then click the movie reel at the bottom to feed them. You can do this once per day per pet.

Apple Bobbing

Completely random, just click the button and you can win various foods and other prizes.

Spin The Wheels

Wheel of Mediocrity
Wheel of Excitement
Wheel of Misfortune
Wheel of Knowledge
Wheel of Monotony
Wheel of Slime
Wheel of Extravagance

The price of spinning the wheels ranges from 100 neopoints to 100,000 neopoints. However, they are all worth spinning (only spin the wheel of extravagance, which costs 100,000 neopoints, if you have disposable neopoints as there is a big chance you will take a loss however it can give you paint brushes and other items worth 50 times that).

Play the Scratch Cards

Winter Scratch Cards
Halloween Scratch Cards
Desert Scratch Cards

The scratch card kiosks above range from 500-1,200 neopoints per card. They are worth buying however and you can win neopoints often from them.


Tombola is a free daily that can give out faeries, codestones, and if you are very lucky, even paint brushes! All it takes is a click to try.

Fruit Machine

The fruit machine is similar to tombola and you can receive neopoints and rarely paint brushes.

Coltzan’s Shrine

Coltzan’s Shrine can give out rare items and even increase your stats. The prizes are completely random. Some people have suggested that your prize varies upon the time you go which is completely false.